New Adventures In Development

Well, it has come around again. After quite a bit of inactivity, I have again found it necessary to update my personal website. This is a regular conundrum that most web developers face. When web work is your job, it is often hard to find the time or enthusiasm to work on your own site during your free time. This is especially true if you aren’t earning any money from your personal site, and have mainly just used it as a glorified business card. Under those circumstances, you usually just look at it again when you are between jobs, and need to update your resume and technical skills.

But as a developer, it is also important for me to push myself, and constantly bolster my repertoire of web-related expertise. After relying on an old, custom-made CMS for years, I have finally decided to update to WordPress. While I was proud of my custom work, it was a bit out of date, and considerably more difficult to maintain. And WordPress’s flexibility has improved significantly over time. I look forward to experimenting with it, and really seeing what I can squeeze out of its basic functionality.

For now, I will begin work on a few minor graphical assets. (favicon, a decent logo, etc…) After that, I will begin work on a fully customized WordPress template to wrap my updated website in. I’m thinking of employing Bootstrap for the scale-able layout. I’ve accrued quite a bit of experience using that library in my daily efforts. I’m confident that I can cook up a template that will look respectable on all manner of devices and screen resolutions.